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Welcome, especially, to visitors from Ari Davidow's KlezermerShack KlezKanada Weblog.


KlezKanada 2005.
The first set of KlezKanada 2005 pictures consists of 77 of the best of the pictures. The thumbnails now show the date and time when the picture was taken.
Daily pictures:

Several folks have reported difficulties viewing the pictures from the links provided. Usually they don't see the thumbnail pictures displayed on the pages linked with "Standard Link" or "Alternative Link." The right hand column, "link to Image 1" goes directly to the first picture of the set. From there navigate to the rest of the pictures with the right arrow sign. This has worked for those who couldn't use the other links.
Date Standard Link Alternative Link Link to Image 1
Best Pictures (77)
Sunday 8/21 (99 pictures)
Monday 8/22 (137 pictures)
Tuesday 8/23 (141 pictures)
Wednesday 8/24 (56 pictures)
Thursday 8/25 (90 Pictures )
Friday 8/26 Loyf tsun Oyf (70 pictures)
Saturday 8/27 (21 pictures)

These full resolution pictures, suitable for printing, are large files and can take a long time to download:

For those with broadband connections only, large and larger music and videos:
  • East Meets West - from the Thursday concert , Ay Luli, Doinas, Yevgeniya Lopatnik and Finale.
  • The Michael Wex Collection - the Lending Library .
  • The Sounds of Philadelphia Klezmer (my name), from the end of the Wednesday night faculty concert, features Philadelphians Elaine Hoffman Watts, Susan Watts, Marvin Katz, Hankus Netsky and friends Jeff Warshauer and Josh Dolgin. At 120 MB, it is a very large file, but I like it especially for the dance scenes and closeups of the performers. I have not edited some of the camera work in order to maintain consistency of the soundtrack.
  • From the Thursday concert's homage to 10 years of KlezKanada, Adrienne Cooper celebrating Hy and Sandy.
  • From the Student concert, the Meron Mishmosh video at 60 MB, Windows Media features good sound, modest picture from the back of the room. It is my personal favorite, of course. The audio only MPE of Meron Mishmosh includes excerpts from Christian Dawid's introduction of the Druse melody.
  • Enjoy audio only MP3s of Christian Dawid and Alan Bern at the faculty concert, Frank London's class at the student concert, Gasn Nign played, impromtu, by Christian Dawid, David Krakauer and Alex Kantorovich at the last clarinet class Saturday morning, Susan Watts New Music Ensemble and the Bessarabian Dance Band (13MB)
  • Much more to come.

KlezKanada 2004

Photos from KlezKanada 2004 - August 23 through 29, 2004

Music and Videos:

All videos are in Windows Media format and are large enough so that broadband connections are very helpful.

I welcome your comments.

Bob Blacksberg