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KlezKamp 2005

KlezKampers and friends, I have added a gallery of photos from KlezKamp 2005 and the performance by Aaron Alexander's Midrash Mishmosh and Frank London's Klezmer Brass All Stars at Makor on December 31, 2005. All of the pictures can be found in a single set. Start either at http://rblacksberg.com/KlezKamp2005/index.html or http://rblacksberg.com/KlezKamp2005/index1.html. For many viewers, the second works if the first doesn't. The pictures turned out to be fairly selective. I took many the first two nights, then very few, plus lots at Makor. It was, again, a wonderful time.

KlezKamp 2004

January 2005

I hope you will enjoy a fairly personal view of KlezKamp 2004. This year I took far more pictures of informal gatherings
and music than the formal sessions. As a musician, my photos tend to concentrate on the music and dancing.
I took most of my pictures on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, then again in the middle of Thursday night
(Friday morning).
Please indulge a father's concentration on Dan Blacksberg and fellow young perfomers.
The pictures can be seen in a Selected Favorites gallery and a Full Gallery. 
A few of my very favorites appear below. I will add more notes on when the pictures were taken
and who was in them as I get a chance.
Bob Blacksberg

Ken, Paul and Pete Alex KantorovichSanne


For those tolerant of my personal indulgence and with enough bandwidth, enjoy a video of my "fantasy" from the student concert. (Requires Windows Media Player)

January 17 - Added Doyres concert video linked to Paul Pincus picture.

Sanne, Cookie, Bob, Josh, Mark Elaine PaulPincus

Note: If you wish to reuse these pictures elsewhere, I will give permission freely on request. All pictures and text are Copyright Bob Blacksberg 2005.